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Posted by admin | 21 September 2017
Let your employees feel valued:

An employee productivity will increase when they he or she will learn how their job is uniquely vital for the organization and affects it positively. Make them realize how valuable they are for the company no matter what they do for you. This will make them feel valued and inspire them to do more work.

Posted by admin | 21 September 2017
Show faith in employees:

Give your employees benefit of the doubt when they need it and show them that you have faith in their skills & capability. You give them full freedom and value their way of working and they will repay you by being more productive and effective.

Posted by admin | 21 September 2017
Gratify your top performers:

Instead of the usual 20 percent rule of the overall salary appraisal, you should give your top performers a bit more, maybe 40 percent. And gratification doesn’t means remuneration in terms of money but appreciation, give them certificate of excellence, run a best employee program for them or simply provide a gift as small as movie tickets. Either that, or your top performers will be poached away by your competitors.

Posted by admin | 21 September 2017
Repeat the entire process:

You have to repeat the above steps because maintaining a good workplace environment is a continuous process and you just can’t stop one day and think that the job’s done.

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