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100% Customizable Software

Our main distinctive quality is centered around providing a customized streaming solution that perfectly caters to the needs of each individual customer.

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Complete Ownership

Take full control over your custom-built whitelabel OTT platform and get wholesome ownership.

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On-Premise / On-Cloud Hosting

You now have the option to stream videos either via your own servers or through our secure cloud servers.

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One-time License Cost

Empower your valuable content with consistent one-time licensing fees obtained for your continuously growing OTT enterprise.

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End-to-End Development Support

Rest assured with a comprehensive end-to-end support system and a fully customized platform built from scratch.

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Third-Party Service Integration

Integrate 3rd party OTT solutions at ease within your customized platform using advanced technologies.

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High Profile Robust Technologies

Create a microservice architecture-based OTT platform similar to leading industry players, ensuring optimal reliability.

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Post-Launch Support

Guarantee post-launch assistance once you have a comprehensive set of OTT services for your business ventures.

OTT App Development Services We Offer

Our expertise in live streaming solutions enables us to deliver an OTT platform development that is future-proof and up-to-date.

OTT Application Consulting

We identify your crucial business needs and conduct a thorough analysis to provide an optimal strategy for developing your online video platform, guaranteeing excellent returns.

Custom OTT app development

Our team creates durable and tailored video streaming platforms that grant your business full authority over user accounts, interfaces, and content.

OTT UI & UX Design

Our UX/UI design elements for the OTT platform prioritize excellent usability, user experience, and visually stunning graphics to capture users' attention.

OTT Application Migration

Our team of OTT app development experts assists you in transitioning from any outdated platform to a superior viewing experience.

OTT Maintenance and Support

In addition to conventional migration of a specific OTT platform, we provide ongoing support that encompasses bug fixes, database security, and fine-tuning checkpoints.

OTT App Testing

Our OTT app testing services comprise bandwidth testing, third-party integration testing, and remote usability testing.

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Implement Next-Gen OTT Features to
Your Streaming Platform

In-app Purchase

With VPlayed OTT video software, you can launch your exclusive streams across portable devices for all purchases.

In-app Notification

Utilize OTT solution providers to remind users about exclusive videos and engage them with brief pop-up messages.

Smart Search

Enhance user engagement by utilizing the analytics-led search screen that allows users to search.


Give your users the convenience of adding video content they wish to watch later in the watchlist.

Resume Watching

Let your users resume viewing videos from an unwatched place to have an uninterrupted compelling experience.

Offline Viewing

Facilitate the viewing needs of your users even without internet connectivity to enjoy their videos directly in OTT streaming apps.

Competitors List

Find competitors lists and call to action on one roof.

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